Get to Know Rachel



I am Rachel Jean, artist and owner of Rachel Jean Design. I am Canadian born and raised, currently residing in the beautiful town of Elora, Ontario with my husband, step daughter and two crazy dogs. 

I have ALWAYS struggled with both my mental health and body image - culminating in years of diets, self hatred and self harm. After years and years of therapy and hard work (with a few set backs along the way), I have started rebuilding my belief in myself as well as my love for my body. By believing in my worth, and learning to love the body I call home, I  felt a weight lift off my shoulders.  I wanted to use my art to inspire others to do join me on this journey of inner healing. 

Through my art, I aim to cultivate conversations around mental health, body image, self love and big emotions. I want you to know you are not alone in these struggles and to help you feel empowered to heal. 

Follow me on Instagram @racheljeandesign to see more of my work and learn more about me!